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In That Quiet Earth Bangalore
In That Quiet Earth Bangalore
In That Quiet Earth Homes Project Highlights

In That Quiet Earth Hennur Road by Total Environment Homes is a community of beautiful homes designed with care. The residential project is located off Hennur Main Road in North Bangalore.

The high-rise project is in North Bangalore, one of the fastest-growing economic hubs. It has a well-developed social infrastructure, including reputed schools and colleges, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and other amenities. It's a great area for urban living.

In That Quiet Earth Bangalore offers 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes which are designed to meet your lifestyle and luxury needs. The architecture and design of the homes are very different from any of the real estate developers in Bangalore.

Total Environment was founded with one simple goal: To make homes worth living. We were able to go places that we never imagined. This ideal is still our goal, even after two decades.

Your home is built around you. We make customized homes, exactly how you want it to look and live. Our Differences is a manifestation of our passion to make beautiful designer homes to make a difference in the world.

Home design is more than how it looks. It's also about how it makes you feel. Five principles are the cornerstones of good design. Simplicity. We spend hours simplifying every space we design. Simple lines and minimal walls allow for free flow without compromising privacy.

Authenticity. We put ourselves in the shoes and minds of our home buyers and customers when designing each space of the rooms. There are no gimmicks or trends. Just good, timeless beautiful design.

Connectivity. Good design is all about creating a sense of connection. We will work closely with you to understand what you need and then design every space to meet those needs. Every element exists to make your life more enjoyable, joyful, fulfilling and above all to inspire.

The character and personality of a space is determined by the details. Our stairs are easy to climb and our louvred bathrooms doors provide ventilation. This gives our homes a unique character.

A connection to nature is at the core of every Total Environment home. The signature features of Total Environment homes, such as bodies of water or imaginative landscaping, create a feeling of calm and ease. It's easy to feel more relaxed and happier in a Total Environment home, with almost every space being surrounded by natural materials and lush greenery.

In That Quiet Earth the green roofs are installed on earth-sheltered single family homes. This helps to replace the old green cover. The green roofs are beneficial in many ways. They keep the homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. These roofs are used by our homeowners to grow organic farming like tomatoes, green chilies (okra), papayas, and bananas.

The right materials can make all the difference. Natural stones floors, exposed brick masonry and rich wood furniture are carefully chosen to ensure that your home will age beautifully and blend seamlessly with the landscape.

The Total Environment Home's beauty as it ages is one of its greatest assets. Check out some of our older projects to see the difference.

We use warm, earthy natural materials like natural clay bricks and stone floors, as well as wood fenestration. Materials with character and personality that improve over time. They not only add warmth to living spaces but also blend seamlessly with the landscape.

All of our flooring materials can be used in harmony with other earthy materials. Botticino marble is one example of such a material. This stone is a predominantly beige colour with dark brown veins is a favourite of ours. Kota stone is another natural material that we use.

Kota stone, a fine-grained limestone variety, is used for flooring and butch work. This earthy stone is soft on the feet, easy to walk on and adds character to any space.

Building a natural materials require a lot of craftsmanship and hard work, but they are worth it.

Each client interaction should be as personal, warm and lasting as the environment we create. We are known for being open and transparent with our clients and home buyers.

Over two decades of developing relationships with clients and communities has made it clear that we are just as invested in these bonds than we are in our properties in Bangalore.

We want your home-buying experience to feel as personal, warm, and lasting as the homes that we build.

When selling a home, we are very transparent. That transparency builds trust. We are known for being transparent, open-minded and straightforward. We use the actual built up area of your home to calculate the saleable area. This will ensure that you are clear about what you are getting for your money. And, of course, we avoid the bogus concept of "Super Built-Up Area", which has no basis and is only available in India.

We invest to create personal bonds that will last for a lifetime. We are there with you every step of the way, whether it's designing your home or choosing the right materials and finishes. We build customized homes in all our projects in Bangalore. As much as we love building houses, we believe in building relationships.

Total Environment Projects in Bangalore the architects are passionate about creating furniture and cabinetry that is perfect for you. Whether it be displaying your prized collection of books, fine China from your grandmother, or your son's Legos.

We want to find out about your lifestyle so that you have the perfect environment for your Total Environment Home in Bangalore.

Total Environment projects in Bangalore are committed to exceptional quality homes, expert oversight and smart processes. Our proven track record in providing high quality materials, designs, and craftsmanship, from blueprints to certifications to inspections is proof of our commitment to getting the job done right the first and only time.

In That Quiet Earth Bangalore project is inspected at five stages. Each home is then checked for 1,048 items. Finally, the team assists in identifying and resolving any snags.

Total Environment Bangalore believe that holistic spaces can be created. Houses are built with skilled craftsmanship, from top to bottom, inside out.

We have created a facility that can produce all of our furniture, doors and windows, bedrooms, living rooms, as well as masonry, flooring, and other specialised interiors, using a combination of technology and craftsmanship.

It is essential that each component of a Total Environment home, from marble flooring to plumbing and masonry, be constructed to the highest possible standards. Machine Craft, an in-house manufacturing facility that combines innovative technology and craftsmanship, was created by us. We brought together the top craftsmen from across the country, including tile-laying masons in Gujarati carpenters, Rajasthan decorators and Bihar steel bar-benders. We didn't consider it necessary to travel far to find the best.

The interior design is unique. The eDesign offers a variety of options to suit your budget, taste and lifestyle. Using eDesign, our proprietary software you can design your home and personalize every detail, no matter how small or large your rooms is.

After completing our first project in 1998, it became clear that each family is different and has different expectations of a home. The majority of homebuyers in Total Environment projects in Bangalore are above 40 years of age. People who have budget of Rs. 2 Crore or above can easily buy apartments in Total Environment Bengaluru.

We developed a process for designing homes that fit the needs and lifestyles of every family. This evolved over time and eventually we developed eDesign, our proprietary platform that allows home owners to select from more than 9.2 million combinations, including furniture, walling, electrical layouts, floor finishes, bedrooms, living rooms, garden like balcony, wall finishes, kitchen cabinetry, shelving in the closets, landscaping, and walling.

Total Environment Project in Bangalore also offer personalized design for those who need it. An architect from our design team will work with you to design your house and provide options beyond those offered on eDesign.

In That Quiet Earth Hennur Road Bangalore by Total Environment

In That Quiet Earth Bengaluru by Total Environment
Property Type Residential Apartments
Size and Floor Plan Coming Soon
Unit Type 2, 3 and 4 BHK
Project Status Under Construction
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Property Type Residential Homes
Sizes Coming Soon
Unit Type 2, 3 and 4 BHK
Project Status Under Construction
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Price Coming Soon
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Welcome to In That Quiet Earth | Designer Homes by Total Environment

In That Quiet Earth L21 Tower at ITQE is the most awaited luxury apartment in Bangalore. The 3 bedroom Homes are carefully designed using biophilic design elements. The upcoming residential homes in North Bangalore are spacious and sun-filled, and blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. One of the most impressive clubhouses in Bangalore is located at In That Quiet Earth Hennur Road.

These residential apartments are large, thoughtfully-designed with 50,000 sq. Over 25+ amenities are available to satisfy your senses. This is a fast-growing area with a strong social infrastructure, including reputable schools, colleges and restaurants. It's a great place to live in the city.

Total Environment projects in Bangalore have one simple objective; to make beautiful design homes worthwhile to live in. The Total Environment In That Quiet Earth Tower L21 Tower, the apartments are a great option if you're looking for a luxurious home in the IT capital of India. Bangalore is attracting investors all across the country.

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